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Table 1 Reasons for exclusions of articles at full-text screening

From: What is the impact of active management on biodiversity in boreal and temperate forests set aside for conservation or restoration? A systematic map

Reason for exclusionNo. of articles
Not a study of forests, woodlands or other terrestrial habitats with a tree layer44
Not a study made in boreal or temperate vegetation zones180
Not a field study42
Not a study of interventions intended (or potentially useful) for the conservation or restoration of forest biodiversity (or no useful data on such interventions)447
No useful comparator data101
No useful measures of biodiversity or conditions known to influence diversity108
No useful primary data, but potentially useful as a review49
Redundant (data also reported elsewhere)5
Full text not in English, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Estonian or Russian25
Full text not found51
  1. Some of the articles appear more than once in the table, since they were excluded for more than one reason