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Table 1 Description of the PECO/PICO items of the primary question

From: Can linear transportation infrastructure verges constitute a habitat and/or a corridor for biodiversity in temperate landscapes? A systematic review protocol

Population All species and communities of the temperate climatic zonea
Exposure LTI verges (road, railway, power line and pipeline verges and waterway banks)
Intervention Management practices or environmental disturbance of LTI verges
Comparator Both temporal and spatial comparators, including but not restricted to:  Temporal comparators:   Ecosystem present before infrastructure construction (when the habitat of the previous ecosystem and of the verge will be similar)   Verge before management intervention  Spatial comparators:   Nearby undisturbed similar ecosystem   Nearby unmanaged similar verge
Outcome All outcomes relating to corridor or habitat assessment, including but not restricted to, species dispersal and species richness
  1. a The Köppen–Geiger climate classification will be used to identify articles with a study zone in the temperate climate. As the funders of the study are interested in western Europe, only the Cfa, Cfb, Cfc, Csa, Csb and Csc temperate zones will be included in the scope of our study. See (Accessed 17 Nov 2015) for the googleearth layers of the Köppen–Geiger climate classification