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Table 5 Coding tool for the systematic map

From: Can linear transportation infrastructure verges constitute a habitat and/or a corridor for biodiversity in temperate landscapes? A systematic review protocol

Coding variable Details/examples
Publication year  
Publication type Book chapter, journal paper, conference paper, thesis, organization report, etc.
Publisher Name of the journal or institution publishing the document
Article language English/French
Study country  
Study regions  
GPS coordinates  
Biological groups Vascular flora, wild bees, etc.
LTIs Roads/railways/power lines/pipelines/waterways
Type of habitat of the study site Grassland, shrubland, hedge, forest, etc.
Type of habitat of the control/compared site Grassland, shrubland, hedge, forest, etc.
Management practices Mowing, pesticide spreading, pruning, planting, fence laying, beehive setting up, etc.
Type of comparison Spatial/temporal/spatial and temporal
Measured outcomes Species richness, Shannon index, etc.
Susceptibility to bias Low/medium