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Table 3 Coding variables

From: Does the gender composition of forest and fishery management groups affect resource governance and conservation outcomes? A systematic map

Variable Details/examples
ID Unique ID for each article
First author  
Full reference  
Publication type E.g., journal, book chapter, conference paper, thesis, organisation report
Article access issues E.g., none, subscription only, author only
Biome Forest, marine or freshwater
Study country/ies  
Study region(s)  
Study length Time over which study undertaken
Study description Short description of study
Project name  
Intervention type (primary) List of different forest and fish conservation and resource management interventions
Primary outcome (governance, conservation) Short description of the primary outcome
Quantitative study design rating and type Rating and type of study design on the five-point scale of the Maryland scientific methods scale
Qualitative study quality rating Rating from 1 to 10 based on CASP qualitative research checklist
Method(s) of data collection List of data collection method(s)
Sample size Number in sample
Sample unit E.g., individuals, households, groups
Comparator type E.g., randomised before–after, control-impact (BACI), non-randomised BACI, temporal, spatial, other
Other outcome influences Other potential outcome influences mentioned in the study
Quantitative study quality rating Low, high or not rated (based on study design rating)
Qualitative study quality rating Low, medium and high
Additional details Comments