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Table 1 Categories and subcategories of nature conservation interventions

From: What are the effects of nature conservation on human well-being? A systematic map of empirical evidence from developing countries

Land/water protectionPA1Site or area protection
Land/water managementLM1Site management
LM2Invasive species control
Resource managementRM1Resource management
Species managementSM1Species management
SM2Species recovery
SM3Species re-introduction
Education and awarenessE1Formal education
E3Awareness and communications
Law and policyLP1Legislation
LP2Policies and regulations
LP3Private sector standards and codes
LP4Compliance and enforcement
Economic, livelihoods and other incentivesEL1Linked enterprises and livelihood alternatives
EL3Market forces
EL4Conservation payments
EL5Non-monetary values
External capacity buildingCB1Institutional and civil society development
CB1Alliance and partnership development
CB1Conservation finance
  1. Intervention framework adapted from the IUCN-CMP classification of conservation actions [41]