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Table 3 Descriptive characteristics of included systematic reviews with details of relevant inclusion criteria (population, intervention and outcomes) and overlapping articles included with our systematic map

From: What are the effects of nature conservation on human well-being? A systematic map of empirical evidence from developing countries

Review typeLead authorTitleYearStatusPopulationRelated intervention categoryRelevant outcome categoryPopulationStudy typeLevel of confidence# included studies# overlapping with EGM
EGMMcKinnonThis study  non-OECDsee Table 1 see Table 2 non-OECDQuant; qual 1043 
SRBlackmanThe evidence base for environmental and socioeconomic impacts of “sustainable” certification2009CompletedGlobalResource mgmt; economic livelihoodsEconomic living standardsLMICQuant; qualLow375
SRBowlerThe evidence base for community forest management as a mechanism for supplying global environmental benefits and improving local welfare2012CompletedLMIC; forests onlyResource management; land/water managementEconomic living standards; material living standards; health; EducationLMICQuant; qualLow4214
SRBrooksAssessing community- based conservation projects: a systematic review and multi-level analyses of attitudinal behavioral, ecological and economic outcomes2013CompletedLMICEconomic incentivesEconomic well-being; social relations; governance and empowermentDevelopingQuant; qualLow136n/a
SRCaplowEvaluating land use and livelihood impacts of early forest carbon projects: lessons for learning about REDD+2011CompletedLMIC; forests onlyLand/water management; resource management; economic incentivesEconomic living standardsLMICQuant; qualLow326
SRHepworthWhat factors determine the performance of institutional mechanisms for water resources management in developing countries in delivering pro-poor outcomes and supporting sustainable economic growth?2012CompletedLMIC; freshwater onlyLand/water managementEconomic living standardsDevelopingQuant; qualLow380
SRPullinHuman well-being impacts of terrestrial protected areas2013CompletedGlobal; terrestrial onlyArea protection; law & policyEcon; material; healthTerrestrialQuant; qualMedium7956
SRSamiiEffects of decentralized forest management (DFM) on deforestation and poverty in low and middle income countries: a systematic review2014CompletedLMIC; forests onlyLand/water management; resource managementEconomic living standards; material living standards; health; educationLMICIE with counterfact ualMedium203
SRSamiiEffects of payment for environmental services (PES) on deforestation and poverty in low and middle income countries2014CompletedLMICLaw and policy; economic incentivesEconomic living standards; material living standards; healthLMICIE with counterfact ualMedium202
  1. A level of confidence is provided based upon assessment of reliability. Number of included articles indicate the total number of articles reviewed by each article. Overlapping indicates those articles that meet inclusion criteria and are included in this systematic map