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TableĀ 2 Examples of coding variables for systematic maps

From: A methodology for systematic mapping in environmental sciences

Coding variable Example of information that may be recorded
Full reference Author(s), title, date, publisher
Year of publication Date of publication in years
Publication type Academic journal, book, conference paper or thesis
Language Article language
Study country Name of country
Linked study Other articles reporting the same study
Data source e.g. Primary or secondary research
Data type e.g. Quantitative or qualitative
Study design e.g. Experimental, quasi-experimental, observational, survey
Population(s) e.g. Species, group
Intervention(s) Type(s) of intervention investigated
Exposure(s) Type(s) of exposure investigated
Comparator(s) Type(s) of comparator used
Outcome(s) assessed Types of outcome assessed
Sampling strategy e.g. None specified, randomised, systematic
Length/period of study e.g. Number of days, weeks, months, years or time period over which study was undertaken