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Table 5 Search string used to update searches in Web of Science Core Collections and Scopus from 2015–2016, and for CAB abstracts up to 2016

From: What is the effect of prescribed burning in temperate and boreal forest on biodiversity, beyond tree regeneration, pyrophilous and saproxylic species? A systematic review protocol

 Search string
Population terms((forest* OR woodland* OR “wood* pasture*” OR “wood* meadow*”) OR (KK*.cc.))
Intervention terms((prescribed OR control* OR experiment*) AND (burn* OR fire))
Outcome terms(*diversity OR (species AND (richness OR focal OR target OR keystone OR umbrella OR red-list* OR threatened OR endangered OR rare)) OR “species density” OR “number of species” OR indicator* OR abundance OR “forest structure” OR habitat*)
  1. Italics text was included only in the CAB abstracts ssearch
  2. An asterisk (*) is a ‘wildcard’ that represents any group of characters, including no character