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Table 2 Systematic map data categories

From: What is the evidence that gender affects access to and use of forest assets for food security? A systematic map protocol

Nature of evidence Sources of evidence (journal types and subjects, grey literature)
Types of evidence (study design, data sources, scale of analysis)
Producers of evidence (location of primary authors/institutions)
Representativeness and coverage of evidence Demographic characteristics
Village/community characteristics
Geographic coverage (countries, regions)
Ecological coverage (forest types, habitats)
Resources accessed or utilized (by men/women/girls/boys)
Types and nature of linkages between gender, access to forest resources and food security Types of access employed (different tenure and regulatory frameworks)
Types of linkage to food security
Food security outcomes Measures of food security
Measures of nutrition security
Nature of impacts identified (positive, negative, neutral) and relative proportions of each type
Policy, institutions and governance Attention paid to underlying policy, institutional and governance issues (separated by regional, national and international scales) – no’s of studies addressing key issues