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TableĀ 3 Study coding categories

From: The environmental, socioeconomic, and health impacts of woodfuel value chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic map

Nature of evidenceSources of evidence (journal types and subjects, grey literature), Type of study (socio economic, environmental)
Representativeness and coverage of evidenceGeographic coverage (scope, location, scale)
Focus (firewood, charcoal, other related energy sources)
Populations (value chain participants, Forest type, Information on agro ecological zone, Tenure and Sample size and of population of interest)
Measure of changes/impactsNature of outcomes reported (increase, decrease, no change/neutral)
Socio-economic (income, employment, asset, equity, costs, profit)
Environmental (deforestation, forest area, degradation, biodiversity, C stocks regeneration, ecosystem services)
List of outcomes that are not comparative in nature, but relevant to answer the review questions
ContextRegulatory framework described (trade, energy, environment)