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Table 1 Proposed search string for the execution of the search strategy

From: What are the consequences of fish entrainment and impingement associated with hydroelectric dams on fish productivity? A systematic review protocol

Component Search string
Population terms (Fish* AND (Reservoir$ OR Impoundment$ OR Dam$ OR “Hydro electric*” OR Hydroelectric* OR “Hydro dam*” OR Hydrodam* OR “Hydro power” OR Hydropower OR “Hydro”))
Intervention terms (Turbine$ OR Spill* OR Outlet* OR Overflow* OR Screen$ OR Tailrace$ OR “Tail race” OR Diversion OR Bypass* OR Tailwater$ OR Penstock$ OR Entrain* OR Imping* OR Blade$ OR Intake$ OR “Trash rack$” OR “Draft tube$” )
Outcome terms (Productivity OR Growth OR Performance OR Surviv* OR Success OR Migrat* OR Passag* OR Reproduc* OR Biomass OR Stress* OR Mortalit* OR Abundance$ OR Densit* OR Yield$ OR Injur* OR Viability OR Sustainability OR “Vital rate$” OR Persistence OR “Trauma”)