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Table 1 ISG and APO terms chosen to compose the search strings

From: What evidence exists on the impact of agricultural practices in fruit orchards on biodiversity indicator species groups? A systematic map protocol

Orchard* AND

ISG term

APO term



Amphibian*, bee, bees, bird*, butterfl*, carabid*, flora, grasshopper*, mammal*, slug*, snail*, spider*

Fertili*, hail*, irrigation, mow*, mulch*, pesticide*, insecticide*, fungicide*, pruning, thinning, tillage

Secondary (wildcards not shown)

Secondary (wildcards not shown)

Bat, blossom, flower, frog, mouse, mice, toad, weed

Canopy, cover, crop, disking, defoliation, extirpator, field cultivator, grazing, grid, grubber, habitat, harvest, high stem, lumber, management, meadow, nesting, plough, plow, ripper, sawnwood, timber

  1. An asterisk will be used as a wildcard to obtain suffixed and plural forms if necessary