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Table 3 ”Test set” of sources used to test search strategy comprehensiveness and trial study quality and data extraction approaches

From: Response of chlorophyll a to total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations in lotic ecosystems: a systematic review protocol

Citation Year TN TP
Bourassa and Cattaneo [61] 1998 x x
Braccia et al. [62] 2014 x  
Chambers et al. [32] 2012 x x
DeNicola and Lellock [63] 2015 x x
Heiskary and Bouchard [25] 2015   x
Justus et al. [64] 2010 x x
Lewis and McCutchan [65] 2010   x
Lohman et al. [66] 1992 x x
Maret et al. [15] 2010 x x
Morgan et al. [67] 2006 x x
Pan et al. [68] 1999 x x
Stevenson et al. [69] 2006 x x
Weigel and Robertson [70] 2007 x x
Zheng et al. [71] 2008 x x
Rier and Stevenson [72] 2006 x x
Heiskary et al. [73] 2013 x x
Iowa Department of Natural Resources [74] 2013 x x
  1. TN and TP columns indicate the nutrient(s) for which each citation reports a relationship with chl-a