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Table 2 Categories used for coding studies included in the systematic map at full text

From: Evidence for changes in the occurrence, frequency or severity of human health impacts resulting from exposure to alien species in Europe: a systematic map

Category Type of data
1. Bibliographic information a. Publication type
b. Year
2. Information relating to the inclusion criteria a. Population i: Human population affected
b. Population ii: Location of exposure
c. Population iii: Location of reported impact
d. Population iv: Activity of population at exposure
e. Exposure i: Taxonomic group of the alien species
f. Exposure ii: Species name (binomial) of the alien species
g. Exposure iii: Biome at location of exposure
h. Exposure iv: Habitat at location of exposure
i. Outcome i: Type of human health impact (disease or pathogen transmission/allergen or irritant)
j. Outcome ii: Specific condition (type of injury, allergy, dermatitis, disease)
k. Outcome iii: Change in human health impact (occurrence/frequency/severity)
3. Information relating to the study a. Study type (e.g. patient case study, RCT)
b. Study design (sampling size, etc.)
c. Spatial scale of reported impact
d. Comparators
e. Timescale
f. Other factors affecting the outcome
4. Additional information relating to the species of concern a. Geographic origin (native range)
b. Pathway(s) of introduction (following the classification of Hulme et al. [45])