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Table 2 Combinations of interventions and organism groups studied (No. of studies)

From: How are biodiversity and dispersal of species affected by the management of roadsides? A systematic map

InterventionOrganism group
GraminoidsHerbs/forbsWoody plantsBryophytesLichensFungiMammalsBirdsReptilesInsectsOther arthropodsOther invertebratesBacteriaAll species
Vegetation disturbance
 Removal of shrubs/saplings23400032110109
 Herbicide use677221000000101086
Biological amendment
 Mycorrhizal treatment42400000000007
Soil amendment
 Fertiliser addition313113001000000139
 Mulching or compost application323317001000000341
 Use of erosion-control mats/blankets11107000000001011
 Soil cultivation (e.g. tillage)13196110000000023
 Ditching or ditch maintenance33310000000003
Control of invasive/nuisance species435218000000100061
Other interventions563000000200011
All interventions207 232 105 5 2 2 5 10 1 17 1 2 3  
  1. Some of the studies appear more than once in the table, since they covered multiple interventions and/or groups of organisms