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Table 10 Commonly missing meta-data and data from the evidence base within this review

From: How does tillage intensity affect soil organic carbon? A systematic review

Missing information No. of studies % of evidence Description
Soil description 37 11 Studies lacking any description of soil type
Study duration 1 0.3 Study lacks any description of how long the experiments lasted
Study timing 20 6 Studies lacking information on when the experiments started and ended
Study design 29 8 Studies lacking information about the experimental design (i.e. randomisation, blocking, split-plot, strip-plot, latin square, paired design, purposive)
Spatial replication 18 5 Studies lacking details of how many true spatial replicates were sampled
Temporal replication 3 0.9 Studies lacking information of how many samples were taken over time
Soil sampling depth 1 0.3 Studies lacking information on how many soil samples were taken and at what depth
Tillage description 108 31 Studies lacking information on the type and intensity of tillage treatments
Measure of variability 196 56 Studies failing to report a measure of variability around treatment means