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Table 7 Intermediate intensity tillage descriptions (from no tillage versus intermediate tillage comparisons)

From: How does tillage intensity affect soil organic carbon? A systematic review

Intermediate intensity tillage descriptionsNumber of studies
Chisel tillage56
Disk tillage40
Chisel and disk16
Not stated7
Heavy duty cultivator4
Disk and harrow4
Heavy disk plough, harrow and rotavator3
Cultivator or disk harrow3
Chisel, disk and field cultivator2
Offset disk and scarifier2
Tine cultivator2
Spring-tined cultivator1
Multiple disk tillage1
Sweep plough1
One cultivation1
Blade cultivator, single pass1
Heavy duty cultivator, 5–6 passes1
Disk and mulch treader1
Chisel, disk and rotary tiller1
Double disk tillage1
Heavy duty cultivator, disk and harrow1
Disk and scarifier1
Rotary harrow1
Rotary field cultivator1
Chisel, disk and spring tine1
Cultivator (grubber)1
Tandem disk1
Undercutter and fallow master1
Cultivator (disk coulters in combination with a spiker roller)1
Rotary tiller (aggressive tillage)1
Tined implements1
Roto-till, sweep, disk and chisel1
3 cultivations1
Dual-layer tillage with a chisel and light secondary tillage (15 cm)1
Heavy duty cultivator, sweep and harrow1
No till with one chisel every 3 years1
Mouldboard plough or rotovator1
Rigid tine cultivator1
Chisel and cultivator1
Chisel and field cultivator1