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Table 9 Summary effect estimates for meta-analyses of stocks data

From: How does tillage intensity affect soil organic carbon? A systematic review

Tillage comparisonSoil depth (cm)Summary effect estimate (Mg/ha)Standard errorz statisticp valueLower 95% confidence intervalUpper 95% confidence intervalNumber of studies
NT–HTUpper layer4.6061.9542.3570.0180.7768.43529
 Full profile1.6463.4090.4830.629− 5.0358.32714
NT–ITUpper layer3.8521.6442.3430.0190.6307.07532
 Full profile0.8312.7110.3060.759− 4.4836.14413
IT–HTUpper layer1.7240.9521.8110.070− 0.1423.58929
 Full profile1.8832.5290.7450.457− 3.0746.84010
  1. ‘Upper layer’ corresponds to measurements between 0 and up to 30 cm depth, whilst ‘full profile’ corresponds to measurements taken between 0 and between 30 and 150 cm depth
  2. NT no tillage, IT intermediate intensity tillage, HT high intensity tillage (see text for explanation)