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Table 3 Study quality assessment criteria

From: What are the impacts on temperate fish productivity of shoreline works activities? A systematic review protocol

Study parameter Characteristic Bias assessment
Design Study type Before-after-control-impact or RCT; comparator
Study timeframe Post monitoring minimum 2 years
Intervention type Intervention type well described and quantities specified
Methods Methods well described and repeatable
Sampling Pre-construction inventory/assessment Pre site assessment with habitat features well described
Random sampling Randomized assignment of control
Species Relevant temperate fish species
Temporal or spatial replication Replicated in time and space
Data analysis Data clear and well described Poor data quality/quantity or statistical analysis
Measurements of fish response Specific data on fish response related to intervention
Pre and post construction results Exposure impact clearly shown numerically
Results Outcomes Outcomes clearly described and interpreted
Uncertainty Uncertainty described
Bias Bias reporting
Confounding factors Confounding factors described if any