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Table 1 Development and selection of review questions

From: Inclusive development and prioritization of review questions in a highly controversial field of regulatory science

GMO impact area Development and selection of review questions
Preliminary review questions Changes made to review questions Candidate review questions Selected review questions
Revised Dropped Added
Health impacts 11 4 6 4 9 4a
Environmental impacts 23 4 3 0 20 6b
Socio-economic impacts 33 15 2d 9 40 4c
Total 67 23 11 13 69 14
  1. Numbers indicate how many review questions entered into the process, were modified and selected. The review questions selected for conducting systematic reviews and maps are detailed in Table 2
  2. aAll four review questions were revisited based on stakeholder comments
  3. bThe prioritization exercise initially produced 11 questions, of which 3 were kept unchanged, 2 were further modified, 6 were dropped and another one added
  4. c27 review questions on micro level socio-economic impacts were combined into one broad systematic map; 4 review questions on macro level socio-economic impacts were selected based on 14 candidate questions—two of the four questions were combined into one review question
  5. d2 questions were dropped as separate questions but included in the scope of other review questions