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Table 1 Uses of storytelling in different fields

From: Rethinking communication: integrating storytelling for increased stakeholder engagement in environmental evidence synthesis

Example Fields How storytelling is applied Target group/stakeholders
Using evidence for better practice: a success story [2] International development/public health Tool to highlight the benefits of using systematic reviews in the sector Development and health workers
The story behind the science [22] Science education A website creating stories that can be used by science educators to help illustrate specific concepts University students
Influence of evidence type and narrative type on HPV risk perception and intention to obtain the HPV vaccine [17] Healthcare Method to increase risk perception about a virus and behavioral intention to get a virus vaccination General public
How people with motor neurone disease talk about living with their illness: a narrative study [1] Medicine Data collection method (narrative case studies) General public
Drought risk and you [7] Climate change Storytelling is used as one of several methods for gathering narratives to build local, historical knowledge about drought impacts, experiences and adaptation Decision-makers for water management in the UK