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Table 3 Search stringsa,b,c selected and used in WOS CC and ZR

From: Can linear transportation infrastructure verges constitute a habitat and/or a corridor for insects in temperate landscapes? A systematic review

LTIStrategySearch string
Roads, railways, pipelines and power lines1LTIs: (“transport* infrastructure*” OR road* OR highway$ OR motorway$ OR freeway$ OR rail* OR pipeline$ OR powerline$ OR “power line” OR “power lines” OR “transmission line*” OR “electric* line” OR “electric* lines” OR “electric* pylon*”)
Verges/outcomes: (corridor$ OR dispersal$ OR habitat$ OR refuge$ OR “right* of way*” OR verge$ OR abundance OR richness OR composition$ OR *diversity OR communit*)
2LTIs: (road* OR highway* OR motorway* OR rail* OR “transmission line* corridor*” OR powerline* OR pipeline* OR “electric* pylon*”)
Verges: (corridor* OR habitat* OR verge* OR right$-of-way* OR proximity OR contiguous OR line$)
Outcomes: (dispers* OR population* OR communit* OR abundan* OR distribution$ OR “species composition*” OR attendance)
Waterways1LTIs/verges: (riparian OR riverside$ OR riverbank$ OR “river* *bank*” OR ((waterway$ OR canal$ OR channel$) AND *bank*))
Outcomes: (corridor$ OR dispersal$ OR habitat$ OR refuge$ OR abundance OR richness OR *diversity OR composition$ OR communit*)
2LTIs: (river* OR channel$ OR stream$)
Verges: (riparian$ OR *bank* OR proximity OR bridge$)
Outcomes: (dispers* OR communit* OR richness OR diversity OR drowning OR roosting OR “alien plant*”)
  1. aThe asterisk (*) represents any group of characters, including no character
  2. bThe dollar sign ($) represents zero or one character
  3. cThe quotation marks (“ ”) allow to look for an exact phrase