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Table 6 List of inclusion criteria at the full-text stage

From: Can linear transportation infrastructure verges constitute a habitat and/or a corridor for insects in temperate landscapes? A systematic review

Type of criteriaDescription
LanguageFull text written in English or French
ClimateArticles with study zone(s) of the temperate climatea
Type of publicationArticles different from editorial material, meeting abstracts, news items and review
ComparatorArticles with control/compared site (not observational studies)
Road typeArticles with paved road (not unpaved road, path, gravel road, forest road)
Waterway typeArticles with stream order above three, canals or riversb
Specific questionsArticles that give relevant results for the six specific synthesis questions detailed in Table 1
  1. aThe Köppen–Geiger Climate Classification used to identify articles with a study zone in the temperate climate. As the funders of the study are interested in western Europe, the Cfa, Cfb, Cfc, Csa, Csb and Csc temperate zones were included in the scope of our study. See (accessed 17 November 2015) for the GoogleEarth layers of the Köppen–Geiger Climate Classification
  2. bOnly navigable rivers and canals are transportation infrastructures, unfortunately, this information is rarely provided. Thus, we included all articles with stream order above three, canals and rivers; we excluded all articles with stream order equal or below three and articles with no information