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Table 8 Candidate moderators by category

From: Can linear transportation infrastructure verges constitute a habitat and/or a corridor for insects in temperate landscapes? A systematic review

Category Variable Description
(1) LTI LTI type LTI category: railway, pipeline, power line, waterway, highway, other roads
(2) Habitat contrast Habitat contrast Contrast between vegetation type of LTI verges and habitats away from LTI. Coded as low, medium, high
(3) Insect Trophic level Feeding guild of group and individual species: primary consumer, pollinator, secondary consumer, omnivore
Habitat specialization Habitat preference of individual species: generalist, specialist of open habitats, specialist of forest habitats
Conservation status Category for individual species: species of conservation value, pest/invasive species, other species
(4) Study design Type of literature
Grey versus non-grey literature
True spatial replication versus other cases
Sample location Transparent and systematic procedure for the selection of sample plots location selection (randomization, fixed distances, grids) versus other cases
Study duration Number of sampling years: single year versus more than 1 year