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Table 2 Vegetated strip terms used only once in primary studies within the systematic map database

From: The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields

Agricultural buffer Forest margin Meadow strip Uncropped edge
Agroforestry buffer strip Forest shelter belt Perennial filter strip Uncropped margin
Agroforestry vegetated filter strip Forested buffer zone Perennial grass buffer Uncropped wildlife strip
Arable margin Forested riparian buffer Perennial grass strip Uncultivated strip
Barrier strip Forested riparian corridor Permanent vegetation strip Unploughed strip
Biocorridor Forested strip Plant strip Upland habitat buffer
Border crop Gamagrass strip Pond buffer Vegetated buffer system
Border strip Game-cover strip Prairie edge Vegetated field border
Border zone Grass bank Prairie filter strip Vegetated field margin
Boundary strip Grass buffer zone Prairie strip Vegetated margin
Conservation buffer strip Grass hedgerow Restored/natural riparian zone Vegetated riparian buffer
Conservation strip Grass margin strip Retired pasture strip Vegetated strip
Contour strip Grass vegetated filter strip Riparian conservation buffer Vegetated waterway
Conventional hedgebank Grass waterway Riparian filter strip Vegetational corridor
Cover strip Grass-wetland buffer Riparian forest buffer strip Vegetative barrier
Crop margin Grassed channel Riparian margin Water margin
Ditch slope Grassed strip Riparian vegetated buffer strip Watercourse margin
Earth bank Grassy field boundary Riparian wood Weed border
Fencerow Green fence Riparian woods Weedy field margin
Field adjacent woodlot Headland Rose bush strip Wild bird mix
Field bank Hedge and ditch Ruderal vegetation strip Within-field refuge
Field corner plantation Hedge bank Set-aside Within-field ridge
Field strip Herbaceous border Shelter tree Wooded riparian strip
Field windbreak Herbaceous buffer Sown patch Woodlot edge
Field-adjacent grassland strip Herbaceous field edge Sown weed strip Woody border
Filter Herbaceous strip Streamside management zone  
Floral field margin Herbaceous vegetated strip Successional strip  
Flowering plant strip Improved field margin Successional weed strip  
Forest belt Insect border Switchgrass barrier  
Forest border Isolated hedge Switchgrass hedge  
Forest buffer Live fence Tree belt  
Forest edge Marginal grassland Tree row