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Table 2 Vegetated strip terms used only once in primary studies within the systematic map database

From: The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields

Agricultural bufferForest marginMeadow stripUncropped edge
Agroforestry buffer stripForest shelter beltPerennial filter stripUncropped margin
Agroforestry vegetated filter stripForested buffer zonePerennial grass bufferUncropped wildlife strip
Arable marginForested riparian bufferPerennial grass stripUncultivated strip
Barrier stripForested riparian corridorPermanent vegetation stripUnploughed strip
BiocorridorForested stripPlant stripUpland habitat buffer
Border cropGamagrass stripPond bufferVegetated buffer system
Border stripGame-cover stripPrairie edgeVegetated field border
Border zoneGrass bankPrairie filter stripVegetated field margin
Boundary stripGrass buffer zonePrairie stripVegetated margin
Conservation buffer stripGrass hedgerowRestored/natural riparian zoneVegetated riparian buffer
Conservation stripGrass margin stripRetired pasture stripVegetated strip
Contour stripGrass vegetated filter stripRiparian conservation bufferVegetated waterway
Conventional hedgebankGrass waterwayRiparian filter stripVegetational corridor
Cover stripGrass-wetland bufferRiparian forest buffer stripVegetative barrier
Crop marginGrassed channelRiparian marginWater margin
Ditch slopeGrassed stripRiparian vegetated buffer stripWatercourse margin
Earth bankGrassy field boundaryRiparian woodWeed border
FencerowGreen fenceRiparian woodsWeedy field margin
Field adjacent woodlotHeadlandRose bush stripWild bird mix
Field bankHedge and ditchRuderal vegetation stripWithin-field refuge
Field corner plantationHedge bankSet-asideWithin-field ridge
Field stripHerbaceous borderShelter treeWooded riparian strip
Field windbreakHerbaceous bufferSown patchWoodlot edge
Field-adjacent grassland stripHerbaceous field edgeSown weed stripWoody border
FilterHerbaceous stripStreamside management zone 
Floral field marginHerbaceous vegetated stripSuccessional strip 
Flowering plant stripImproved field marginSuccessional weed strip 
Forest beltInsect borderSwitchgrass barrier 
Forest borderIsolated hedgeSwitchgrass hedge 
Forest bufferLive fenceTree belt 
Forest edgeMarginal grasslandTree row