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Table 8 Frequency of main terms used to describe vegetated strips in the reviews identified in our systematic map

From: The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields

Field margin15
Riparian buffer12
Buffer zone9
Buffer strip9
Vegetative filter strip6
Filter strip4
Riparian buffer strip4
Vegetated buffer strip4
Pollen barrier3
Shelter belt3
Vegetative buffer3
Conservation buffer2
Field boundary2
Grass buffer strip2
Riparian area2
Riparian buffer zone2
Riparian zone2
Agricultural buffer1
Agroforestry buffer1
Flower strip1
Grass buffer1
Grassed buffer strip1
Grassed waterway1
Grassy field margin1
Herbaceous wind barrier1
Non-crop habitat1
Non-crop strip1
Refuge strip1
Riparian forest buffer1
Riparian vegetative buffer strip1
Stream buffer1
Vegetated buffer1
Vegetation border1
Vegetation filter1
Wildflower strip1
Woody border1
Grand total151