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Table 5 Number of studies of different forest types in our review

From: What is the effect of prescribed burning in temperate and boreal forest on biodiversity, beyond pyrophilous and saproxylic species? A systematic review

Forest categoryExamples of dominant tree speciesNo. of studies
Broadleaf (all except Australian)Acer spp., Quercus spp. Fraxinus spp., Acer spp.54
Broadleaf (Australian), sometimes described as Jarrah, Karri, Eucalypt or Sclerophyll forestEucalyptus spp.34
Mixed (broadleaf and conifers)Quercus, Pinus, Populus tremuloides29
ConifersAbies spp., Pinus spp., Libocedrus decurrens, Pseudotsuga menziesii126
Not reported 1