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Table 2 Subject, intervention, outcome and comparator search elements

From: Absence of evidence for the conservation outcomes of systematic conservation planning around the globe: a systematic map

Search elementDefinition
Subject (population)All countries and marine, freshwater and terrestrial realms. Studies published between 1983 and 2017
InterventionSystematic conservation planning: a process for locating and implementing conservation actions where: (a) the benefits of conservation actions are specified either as threshold amounts of natural features to be represented or as continuous functions with increasing amounts of features; and (b) the outputs are one or more optimal or near optimal sets of spatially-bounded conservation actions
ComparatorComparisons over time, and/or between control and intervention groups and/or sites without systematic conservation planning or with another form of planning
OutcomeStudies measuring changes in the condition of one or more of the following forms of capitals: natural, financial, social, human and institutional (either quantitatively or qualitatively)