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Table 4 List of search terms in English language, using Web of Science syntax

From: Evidence for the impacts of agroforestry on agricultural productivity, ecosystem services, and human well-being in high-income countries: a systematic map protocol

Category Terms for topic search, TS = 
Practices ((agr$forest* OR agr$-forest* OR agr$silvicultur* OR agr$-silvicultur* OR silv$arable OR windbreak* OR wind-break* OR shelterbelt* OR hedgerow* OR living-snow-fence OR riparian-buffer* OR *silv$pasture* OR *silv$pastoral* OR wood-pasture* OR (woodland* NEAR/5 pasture*) OR (woodland* NEAR/5 crop*) OR alley-crop* OR silvoarable OR “forest farm*” OR “farm forest*” OR “forest grazing” OR (multi-stor$y NEAR/1 (farm* OR system*)) OR (multi-strata NEAR/1 (farm* OR system*)) OR home$garden* OR “kitchen garden*” OR “improved fallow*” OR “shade tree*” OR “rotational tree fallow*” OR “multipurpose tree*” OR “tree garden*” OR “forest garden*” OR shifting-cultivation OR “natural vegetation strip*” OR hedge-crop* OR hedgerow* OR hedge-row* OR fodder-tree* OR fodder-shrub* OR “living fence*” OR (“integrated production” NEAR/3 (tree* OR wood*)) OR (apiculture AND tree$) OR entomoforestry OR entomo-forestry OR aquasilvofisher* OR aqua-silvo-fisher* OR aqua-silvofisher* OR “multipurpose tree lot*” OR “multi-purpose tree lot*” OR “fertili$er tree*” OR shade-grown OR “tree-based system*” OR “tree fallow*” OR “planted fallow*” OR (woodlot* NEAR/5 pasture*) OR (woodlot* NEAR/5 crop*) OR “boundary planting” OR “mixed trees and crops” OR (“conservation agriculture” AND trees) OR “farmer managed natural regeneration” OR “nitrogen fixing trees” OR dehesa OR montado OR satoyama OR agforward OR “master treegrower”)
Study designs or outcomes (“impact” OR “outcome” OR “result” OR “effect*” OR “intervention” OR “evaluation” OR “assessment” OR “*effectiveness” OR “cost–benefit” OR “efficacy” OR “systematic review” OR “field trial” OR “observational stud*” OR “random* control* trial*” OR “random* trial*” OR “RCT” OR “propensity score matching” OR “PSM” OR “regression discontinuity design” OR “RDD” OR “difference-in-difference*” OR “matching” OR ((random* NEAR3 allocat*)) OR “instrumental variable*” OR “IV” OR “comparison group” OR “control group” OR “counterfactual” OR “counter-factual” OR “quasi-experiment*” OR ((quantitative OR qualitative OR experiment*) NEAR3 (design OR study OR analysis)) OR “productivity” OR production OR “yield” OR “profitability” OR “ecosystem” OR “services” OR “provisioning” OR “regulation” OR “maintenance” OR “biodiversity” OR “diversity” OR conservation OR “deforestation” OR “energy” OR “biomass” OR “material*” OR “water” OR “mediation” OR “*filtration” OR pollut* OR “sequestration” OR “carbon-emission” OR “nitrogen” OR “storage” OR “accumulation” OR “odor” OR “smell” OR “noise” OR “visual” OR “weed control” OR “pest control” OR “stabilization” OR “erosion” OR “hydrologic*” OR “flow” OR “flood protection” OR “storm protection” OR “ventilation” OR “transpiration” OR “lifecycle-maintenance” OR “habitat” OR “gene-pool” OR “disease” or “soil formation” OR “soil composition” OR “climate” OR “interactions” OR “spiritual” OR “cultural” OR “wellbeing” OR “well-being” OR beauty OR “income” OR “expenditure” OR “housing” OR “assets” OR “fuel” OR food OR “security” OR “nutrition” OR “health” OR “adaptation” OR “resilience” OR “vulnerability”)
Study locations (Andorra OR “Antigua and Barbuda” OR Aruba OR Australia OR Austria OR Bahamas OR Bahrain OR Barbados OR Belgium OR Bermuda OR “British Virgin Islands” OR Brunei OR Canada OR “Cayman Islands” OR “Channel Islands” OR Chile OR Curacao OR Cyprus OR “Czech Republic” OR Denmark OR Europe OR “European” OR “EU” OR Estonia OR “Faroe Islands” OR Finland OR France OR “French Polynesia” OR Germany OR Gibraltar OR Greece OR Greenland OR Guam OR “Hong Kong” OR Hungary OR Iceland OR Ireland OR “Isle of Man” OR Israel OR Italy OR Japan OR Korea OR Kuwait OR Latvia OR Liechtenstein OR Lithuania OR Luxembourg OR Macao OR Malta OR Monaco OR Nauru OR Netherlands OR “New Caledonia” OR “New Zealand” OR “North America” OR “Northern Mariana Islands” OR Norway OR Oman OR Palau OR Poland OR Portugal OR “Puerto Rico” OR Qatar OR “San Marino” OR “Saudi Arabia” OR Seychelles OR Singapore OR “Sint Maarten” OR “Slovak Republic” OR Slovenia OR Spain OR “St. Kitts and Nevis” OR “St. Martin” OR Sweden OR Switzerland OR Taiwan OR “Trinidad and Tobago” OR “Turks and Caicos Islands” OR “United Arab Emirates” OR UAE OR “United Kingdom” OR “U.K.” OR “UK” OR “England” OR “Britain” OR “Wales” OR “Scotland” OR “United States” OR “U.S.” OR “U.S.A.” OR “USA” OR Uruguay OR “Virgin Islands” OR Alabama OR Alaska OR Arizona OR Arkansas OR California OR Colorado OR Connecticut OR Delaware OR “District Of Columbia” OR Florida OR Georgia OR Hawaii OR Hawai’i OR Idaho OR Illinois OR Indiana OR Iowa OR Kansas OR Kentucky OR Louisiana OR Maine OR Maryland OR Massachusetts OR Michigan OR Minnesota OR Mississippi OR Missouri OR Montana OR Nebraska OR Nevada OR “New Hampshire” OR “New Jersey” OR “New Mexico” OR “New York” OR “North Carolina” OR “North Dakota” OR Ohio OR Oklahoma OR Oregon OR Pennsylvania OR “Rhode Island” OR “South Carolina” OR “South Dakota” OR Tennessee OR Texas OR Utah OR Vermont OR Virginia OR Washington OR “West Virginia” OR Wisconsin OR Wyoming OR Ontario OR Qu$bec OR “British Columbia” OR Alberta OR Manitoba OR “New Brunswick” OR Newfoundland OR “Newfoundland and Labrador” OR “Nova Scotia” OR “Prince Edward Island” OR Saskatchewan OR “New South Wales” OR Queensland OR “Tasmania” OR “Victoria” OR “USSR” OR “Yugoslavia” OR “Czechoslovakia” OR “Great Plains” OR “Midwest” OR “Mid-Atlantic” OR “Pacific Northwest” OR “Appalachia*” OR “Mediterranean” OR “global” OR “systematic review” OR “meta-analysis”))