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Table 1 Systematic map database tables (column headings) and associated fields (rows)

From: What evidence is available on the drivers of grassland ecosystem stability across a range of outcome measurements: a systematic map protocol

Bibliographic information Inclusion/exclusion Experimental metadata Stability drivers and outcome measurements
Authors Publication year Title Abstract Source journal DOI Publication type Funding source DOI Included Excluded at title Excluded at abstract Excluded at full text Reason for exclusion Notes relating to exclusion DOI Country Grassland type Latitude Longitude Study start date Study end date Experiment site name Experiment site ID Altitude MAP MAT Soil type Land use type DOI Driver category Driver sub-category Driver data type Driver measurement scale Outcome category Outcome sub-category Outcome data type Outcome measurement scale Destabilising effect Effect direction No. of experimental units Data recording spatial resolution Data recording temporal scale Meta-analysis suitability
  1. DOI digital object identifier, MAT mean annual temperature, MAP mean annual precipitation