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Table 1 List of subject categories in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus the search was limited to

From: What is the impact of continuous cover forestry compared to clearcut forestry on stand-level biodiversity in boreal and temperate forests? A systematic review protocol

  WoS subject category Scopus research areas (categories/classification)
1 Agriculture, multidisciplinary Agriculture
2 Biodiversity Conservation Biodiversity and conservation
3 Biology Entomology
4 Ecology Environmental sciences and ecology
5 Entomology Forestry
6 Environmental sciences Plant sciences
7 Environmental studies Zoology
8 Forestry  
9 Horticulture  
10 Multidisciplinary sciences  
11 Mycology  
12 Ornithology  
13 Plant sciences  
14 Soil science  
15 Zoology