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Table 2 Search terms to be used in the review (separated into the question components)

From: What is the effectiveness of using conspecific or heterospecific acoustic playbacks for the attraction of animals for wildlife management? A systematic review protocol

Component Search terms
Population species, wildlife, organism*, animal*, mammal*, bird*, avian, herp*, reptile*, lizard*, amphibian*, frog*, fish*, insect*, spider*, primate*
Intervention playback*, song*, call*, sound*, *acoustic*, auditory, vocal*, broadcast*, comminicat*, tap*, drum*, stridulate*, vibrat*, decoy*
Outcome attract*, settle*, establish*, occup*, breed*, population*, *introduce*, dispers*, capture*, trap*, “site selection”, “habitat selection”, burrow, nest
Additional terms for intervention conspecific*, heterospecific*, social*
Additional terms for outcome conserv*, manage*