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Table 3 Inclusion criteria

From: What is the effectiveness of using conspecific or heterospecific acoustic playbacks for the attraction of animals for wildlife management? A systematic review protocol

Component Criteria
Eligible populations Animals of conservation concern, including both vertebrates and invertebrates
Eligible interventions Acoustic playback(s) of conspecifics and/or heterospecifics (e.g., broadcast of bird song recording)
Eligible comparators No playback (CI) or to a time when no playback was used (BA) or both (BACI)
Eligible outcomes Quantitative measurement of at least one of the following during the study attempt: successful capture of the target animals at the target location, occupation of the target animal at the target location, breeding of the target animal at the target location, establishment of nests, burrows, or territories by the target animal at the target location. For studies not related to the capture of animals, the outcome must include a target location that this different than where the target animal currently occupies and/or uses (for example, as temporary breeding ground)