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Table 2 Composition of the initial Boolean-style full search string for Web of Science (WoS)

From: Effectiveness of animal conditioning interventions in reducing human–wildlife conflict: a systematic map protocol

  Search string
(I) TI = (“Aversive conditioning” OR “Fear conditioning” OR “Appetitive conditioning”)
TS = ((“Associative learning” OR “Avoidance learning” OR Banger$ OR (Bear NEAR/3 spray) OR “Capsicum spray” OR Clicker OR Collar* OR Conditioning OR Conditioned OR CTA OR Diversionary OR Flare$ OR Hazing OR “Illness inducing” OR “Negative punishment” OR “Negative reward” OR “Non-lethal management” OR “Non-lethal control” OR Pinger$ OR “Positive punishment” OR “Positive reward” OR Reinforcement OR “Response learning” OR “Rubber bullets” OR Slingshot$ OR “Taste aversion” OR Train* OR Vexing) AND
(O) (Collision$ OR Crop-raid* OR Depredati* OR Deterr* OR Food-condition* OR Habituat* OR (Human NEAR/5 Coexistence) OR (Human NEAR/5 Conflict) OR HWC OR Human–Animal OR Human–Wildlife OR Human/Wildlife OR (Predat* NEAR/5 Cattle) OR (Predat* NEAR/5 Egg) OR (Predat* NEAR/5 Fish) OR (Predat* NEAR/5 Livestock) OR (Predat* NEAR/5 Nest) OR Nuisance OR (Problem NEAR/5 Animal) OR Repell* OR Retalliat* OR (“Tree Brows*”) OR (Wildlife NEAR/5 Damage) OR (Wildlife NEAR/5 Impact)))
SU = (“Life Sciences Biomedicine” OR “Zoology”)
  1. This search string led to 14,016 initial hits (January 2019), including 20/20 of the “benchmark” articles available in WoS
  2. TI: title; TS: topic; SU: research area