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Table 2 Population and intervention search strings for Web of Science Core Collection and Zoological Record

From: Effect of anthropogenic light on bird movement, habitat selection, and distribution: a systematic map protocol

Population *Bird* OR Avian OR Ave$
Intervention/exposure Light* OR Laser* OR Strobe$ OR Streetlight* OR Headlight$ OR Spotlight* OR Lamp$ OR Beacon$ OR Beam$ OR Flash* OR Flare$ OR Flaring OR Reflector$ OR Ceilometer$
  1. The “*” is used to represent the addition of any number of characters (inclusive of zero), while the “$” is used to represent that addition of zero or one character to the search term. We will also search the Web of Science Core Collection using the expanded population search string (Additional file 3). Using a Microsoft Excel macro, we will extract from these results and screen only articles that a) lack abstracts or keywords and b) do not contain “*bird*,” “avian,” or “ave$” in their titles