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Table 3 Irrelevant phrases containing search terms in intervention/exposure search string

From: Effect of anthropogenic light on bird movement, habitat selection, and distribution: a systematic map protocol

Find Replace
In light of Considering
In the light of Considering
Come to light Reveal
Comes to light Reveals
In this light From this perspective
Lightweight Not heavy
Shed light on Show
Shed some light on Show
Sheds light on Shows
Sheds some light on Shows
Light-level geolocator LL geolocator
Light level geolocator LL geolocator
Light-logging geolocator LL geolocator
Light-logger LL geolocator
Light-based geolocator LL geolocator
Light rail L rail
Light-rail L-rail
  1. Irrelevant phrases are listed in the “find” column. In the Web of Science search results, these phrases will be replaced by the text in the “replace” column using a Microsoft Excel macro