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Table 7 Studies table data extraction categories and values

From: Effect of anthropogenic light on bird movement, habitat selection, and distribution: a systematic map protocol

Studies Description Drop-down options PICO/PECO component
Article citation Citation of article in which the study is reported   
Study name Unique name assigned to each study   
Also reported in Citations for other papers that also describe this study   
Study summary Brief summary of study purpose and methods, not results   
First study year    Context
Sector   Agriculture; aquaculture; communications; land-based oil extraction; livestock; mining; offshore oil; land-based oil extraction; transportation; urban; NA Context
Land/water   Coastal; pelagic; freshwater; terrestrial Context
Latitude    Context
Longitude    Context
Country    Context
State/Province    Context
Site/area Site name (e.g. Edmonton Airport, name of a city)   Context
Setting   Field; lab; pen Context
Study duration (years) Code as “0” if study duration < 1 year   Context
Study duration Description of the duration of the study   Context
Time of day categorical   Night; sunrise; day; sunset; multiple Context
Moon phase “UA” if not reported. “varied” if reported and varied within study period. New; full; in between; varied; UA Context
Ambient light quantitative In units reported in article   Context
Cloud cover (categorical)   Only clear days/nights; only cloudy days/nights; Both clear and cloudy days/nights; UA Context
Cloud cover (qualitative)    Context
Cloud height    Context
Precipitation    Context
Wind speed    Context
Wind direction    Context
Qualitative weather description    Context
Population description If multiple species, list all common names. List all that apply: songbirds, nocturnal migrants, raptors, waterfowl, seabirds, poultry   Population
Species common name    Population
Species latin name    Population
IUCN status    Population
Domestication status   Wild; captive wild; domesticated Population
Migrating Are the birds actively migrating during the treatments?   Population
Bird activity during intervention/exposure   Foraging/hunting; loafing; roosting; nesting; flying; other Population
Study design   BACI; BA; CI; CI-rotating; behavioural assay; incidental report; habitat/resource selection Comparator
Control Description of control   Comparator
Intent of intervention   Attraction; deterrence; other Intervention/exposure
Allocation of treatments   Random; systematic non-random; by availability Intervention/exposure
Wavelengths tested All wavelengths tested in the study, reported in nanometers   Intervention/exposure
Colors tested All wavelengths tested in the study, categorized by color White; red; orange; yellow; green; blue; turquoise; purple; UV; infrared; UA; UA (presumed white) Intervention/exposure
Flashing patterns tested All flashing patterns tested in the study Flashing; continuous; both Intervention/exposure
Light source   Beam; gas flare; illuminated structure; laser; obstruction lighting; road lights; urban/suburban sources (unspecified);other Intervention/exposure
Light direction   Up; down; horizontal; non-directional; directed at birds Intervention/exposure
Light source movement Check all that apply Stationary; moving; rotating Intervention/exposure
Light bulb type    Intervention/exposure
Brand/model    Intervention/exposure
Light power (milliwatts)    Intervention/exposure
Light intensity range in units reported    Intervention/exposure
Light intensity range in lumen    Intervention/Exposure
Notes on light source    Intervention/exposure
Other simultaneous interventions   Acoustic; human presence; live predator presence; other visual; object approach; none Intervention/exposure
Notes on other interventions    Intervention/exposure
Outcome studied What is the outcome the authors were trying to understand? Density/abundance; mortality; resource consumption; behaviour Outcome
Outcome measurement What did the authors actually measure? Bird count; vocalization count; other vocalization measure; carcass survey; flight initiation; diving; other avoidance response; overt reaction distance; other alert response; flight velocity; flight altitude; qualitative flight path; absolute flight direction; changes in flight direction; hunting/foraging behaviour; habitat use; orientation; timing of activities Outcome
Measurement method How did they measure the outcome? Visual survey—unassisted; visual survey—magnification; visual survey—thermal imaging; visual survey—light amplifier; visual survey—ceilometer; photography; video; radar; radio telemetry; acoustic recording; vocalization count—not recorded; GPS tracking; radio transmitters; eBird data; Emlen funnel; recovery of banded birds Outcome
Outcome measurement latency   During treatment; immediately after treatment; more than 1 min after treatment Outcome
Outcome measurement scale   Site (< 1 km radius); local (≥ 1 km, ≤ 5 km radius); regional (> 5 km radius); multiple Outcome
Notes on effect Brief summary of results   Outcome