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Table 1 Proposed search string for the execution of the search strategy using Web of Science

From: Bridging Indigenous and science-based knowledge in coastal-marine research, monitoring, and management in Canada: a systematic map protocol

Search string
(“first nation$” OR metis OR inuit* OR aboriginal* OR Indigenous* OR “Indigenous Knowledge*” OR “Indigenous Ecological Knowledge*” OR “Traditional Ecological Knowledge*” OR “Traditional Knowledge*” OR “Local Ecological Knowledge*” OR “Local Knowledge*” OR “ethnoecolog*” OR “ethnobotan*” OR “ethnoichthyolog*”)
(ecosystem* OR habitat* OR marine OR coast* OR aquatic* OR wetland* OR ocean OR sea OR wildlife OR fish* OR whale* OR “marine mammal*” OR “polar bear*” OR bird$ OR seabird$ OR shorebird$ OR “food-web” OR alga$ OR seaweed)
(co-manage* OR collaborat* OR co-produc* OR participat* OR govern* or integrat* OR “dual knowledge” OR bridg* OR combin*))
  1. The asterisk (*) is a wildcard and represents any characters (e.g., fish* includes fish, fishes, fishing, fisher) while the dollar sign ($) includes zero or one character (e.g., alga$ includes alga and algae)