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Table 1 Definitions of different forest management regimes. Also, common synonyms for the main term are given 

From: What are the effects of even-aged and uneven-aged forest management on boreal forest biodiversity in Fennoscandia and European Russia? A systematic review protocol

Forest management regime Synonyms Definition
Even-aged forest management clear-cutting, clear-felling Management method that produces relatively homogenous forest structures. Forest rotation is controlled by planting, thinning and regeneration felling. During the regeneration felling all the trees in the area are removed.
Retention forestry   Management method almost similar to even-aged management, but some individual trees (dead or alive) or tree groups are left standing during the regeneration fell. This aims to enhance the structural diversity of the harvesting area.
Uneven-aged forest management continuous cover forestry, selective cutting/felling, selection cutting/felling, partial cutting/felling, gap cutting/felling, patch cutting/felling Management method where only some of the trees are removed in one harvest. Forest regenerates through the trees left standing and no plantation is needed. The forest structure stays heterogenous and this can be achieved by cutting single trees (selective felling) or tree groups (gap felling).