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Table 6 Sample sizes (number of data sets) for the three different outcome metrics by life stage and interventions

From: The effectiveness of spawning habitat creation or enhancement for substrate-spawning temperate fish: a systematic review

TotalEggAge 0AdultTotalEggAge 0AdultTotalEggAge 0Adult
 Rock material65 (1)0(1)43102200
 Plant material422000003120
 Waterbody creation14212000000000
 Rock material + human-made structures000011000000
 Rock material + plant material404000003030
 Rock material + plant material + human-made structures101000000000
 Rock material + plant material + waterbody modifications202000000000
 Plant material + human-made structures110011000000
 Plant material + waterbody modifications707000000000
Total39   6   8   
  1. Numbers in brackets indicate a data set that included > 1 life stage