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Table 2 Search strings to be used in the electronic bibliographic databases hosted in the Web of Science platform

From: Are ladybird beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) affected by Bt proteins expressed in genetically modified insect-resistant crops? A systematic review protocol

Set Field Search string Key element—concept
#1 Topic TS = (coccinellid* OR ladybird* OR ladybug* OR ladybeetle* OR “lady bird*” OR “lady bug*” OR “lady beetle*” OR adalia OR cheilomenes OR coccinella OR coleomegilla OR crytolaemus OR harmonia OR hippodamia OR propylea OR psyllobora OR stethorus OR nontarget OR non-target OR “non target” OR NTO OR NTOs OR NTA OR NTAs) Population
#2 Topic TS = (cry1* OR “cry 1*” OR cry2* OR “cry 2*” OR cry3* OR “cry 3*” OR vip3* OR “vip 3*” OR “bt protein*” OR “bt toxin*” OR “cry* protein*” OR “cry* toxin*” OR “vip* protein*” OR “vip* toxin*” OR ((insecticidal OR pesticidal) NEAR/3 (protein* OR toxin* OR compound* OR substance* OR active*))) Exposure—Bt protein
#3 Topic TS = (“bacillus thuringiensis” OR “b thuringiensis” OR (insect OR insects OR pest OR pests OR lepidoptera* OR coleoptera*) NEAR (resistan* OR protect* OR toleran*)) Exposure—intended trait
#4 Topic TS = (“bt crop*” OR “bt plant*” OR “bt cotton” OR “bt cowpea” OR “bt eggplant” OR “bt aubergine” OR “bt brinjal” OR “bt maize” OR “bt corn” OR “bt potato” OR “bt rice” OR “bt soybean” OR “bt soja” OR “bt soya” OR “bt sugarcane” OR “bt sugar cane” OR “bt tomato”) Exposure—intended trait × plant species
#5 Topic TS = ((GM OR GE OR transgen* OR “genetic* modif*” OR “genetic* transform*” OR “genetic* manipulat*” OR “genetic* improve*” OR “genetic* engineer*” OR “living modif*”) NEAR/3 (crop* OR plant* OR cotton OR gossypium OR cowpea ORvigna unguiculata” OR eggplant OR aubergine OR brinjal OR “solanum melongena” OR maize OR corn OR “zea mays” OR potato OR “solanum tuberosum” OR rice OR “oryza sativa” OR soybean OR soja OR soya OR “glycine max” OR sugarcane OR “sugar cane” OR saccharum OR tomato OR “solanum lycopersicum”)) Exposure—GMO general NEAR plant species
#6 Topic #2 OR #3 OR #4 OR #5 Bt protein OR intended trait OR Intended trait × plant species OR (GMO general NEAR plant species)
#7 Topic #1 AND #6  
  1. The symbol * denotes truncation; NEAR/3 denotes words within three words of each other; quotation marks (“ ”) will be used for multi-word terms
  2. Terms in italics were added after the revision of the manuscript and were thus not part of the scoping exercise