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Table 4 Critical appraisal data sheet to be completed for each study when assessing study validity

From: What are the effects of control of mosquitoes and other nematoceran Diptera using the microbial agent Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems? A systematic review protocol

Validity domain Parameter Optional entries [free text if empty]
Sampling strategy Number of replicates  
Number of sampling points per replicate  
Scale of studied ecosystem (m2) 1–10/> 101–102/> 102–103/> 103–104/> 104–105/> 105
Total study length (years)  
Follow-up period after treatments (days)  
Sampling frequency  
Study design details Study design BA/CI/BACI/RCT/other [specify]
Group matching Independent groups/matched pairs
Randomisation of treatment allocation Yes/yes, within pairs/no/unclear
Selection bias Risk of selection bias Low/probably low/probably high/high/unclear
Appropriateness of control sites relative to treated sites based on their ecological similarity Yes/no/unclear
Comment on risk of selection bias  
Performance bias Reported or suspected confounding factor Yes/no/unclear
Reported or suspected time-related trend Yes/no/unclear
Reported or suspected contamination of study groups Yes/no/unclear
Risk of performance bias Low/probably low/probably high/high/unclear
Comment on risk of Performance bias  
Detection bias Differences in sampling or measuring methods between study groups Yes/no/unclear
Differences in sampling timing Yes/no/unclear
Differences in sampling efficiency Yes/no/unclear
Risk of detection bias Low/probably low/probably high/high/unclear
Comment on risk of detection bias  
Reporting bias All measured outcomes reported Yes/no [specify]
External validity Target species  
Effect on target species Aimed effect achieved/other significant effect [specify]/no significant effect/not reported
Dose and frequency of treatments  
Comment on external validity