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Table 3 Eligibility criteria for the screening process

From: How are nature based solutions contributing to priority societal challenges surrounding human well-being in the United Kingdom: a systematic map protocol

Eligibility criteria Geographical—only evidence from OECD countries will be included (Fig. 3)
Population—study addresses societal challenges* identified in the consultation process
Intervention—study involves implementation of NBS action with a link to targeted societal challenges
Study type—study measures the effect (empirical, lab-based) of NBS actions through comparator (temporal, spatial) Secondary case studies (reviews or with referenced link to other complimentary evidence) will be included but marked as separate evidence group. Model based study or case study with inference, such as theoretical/discussion/opinion articles, or anecdotal, will not be included
Outcome—study assess effects of NBS action on HWB outcome—being only environmental/biophysical outcomes (no HWB element either measured (primary) or considered against other evidence (secondary))