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Table 1 Proposed coding and meta-data extraction schema

From: What are the impacts of within-field farmland management practices on the flux of greenhouse gases from arable cropland in temperate regions? A systematic map protocol

VariableDescriptionMeta-data or coding
Study IDUnique study identifier linked to article IDMeta-data
CitationFull citation of the article containing the studyMeta-data
Email addressMain author email address provided within the publication if presentMeta-data
Study country Coding
LatitudeDecimal degreeMeta-data
LongitudeDecimal degreeMeta-data
Köppen-Geiger climate zoneClimate zonesCoding
Soil texture classificationUSDA texture classificationsCoding
Soil commentsDescription of soil texture, including clay, silt, sand percentages, alternative soil classification names, etc.Meta-data
Intervention startYear during which the intervention beganMeta-data
Intervention endYear during which the intervention ended or when the study was completedMeta-data
Intervention durationLength of the study period in yearsMeta-data
Intervention typeAmendments, crop rotation, fertiliser, tillage, other, multipleCoding
Number of different treatmentsTotal number of farming practices investigated and reportedMeta-data
Different treatments detailDescription of the treatments investigated and reportedMeta-data
Study designBefore-after-control-intervention, before-after, comparator-interventionCoding
Experimental designRandomised control trial, split/strip plot, Latin square, paired design, purposiveCoding
Spatial replicationNumber of true spatial replicates at the intervention level, i.e. if the intervention was applied at the field scale replication would need to be at the field scale alsoMeta-data
Temporal replicationMultiple time points measured after intervention (yes/no)Coding
Measured outcomeN2O, CO2, CH4Coding
Quantification methodDescription of GHG measurement method, e.g. infrared spectrometerMeta-data
Sampling equipmentStatic chamber, dynamic chambers, eddy flux covariance towerCoding
Sampling equipment descriptionDescription of tower set-up, including tower height, gap filling, etc. Description of mitigation measures for chamber equipment, e.g. presence of boardwalks, permanent collars, pressure equalisers, radiators, etc.Meta-data