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Table 6 Categories of data analysed

From: What approaches exist to evaluate the effectiveness of UK-relevant natural flood management measures? A systematic map protocol

CategoryCoding question(s)
Bibliographic detailsWhat is the year of the study and publication details?
Who are the authors of the study?
What is the type of publication?
General study descriptorsWhich measure(s) does the source include?
What type(s) of flooding does the source include?
What is the geographical location(s) of the source?
What is the timescale of the source?
At what scale does the source assess effectiveness?
Does the source address climate change?
EffectivenessHow does the source characterise effectiveness, if at all?
Procedural i.e. evaluates NFM on the basis of changes made to FRM processes (e.g. Good governance, alignment with regulations (e.g. Floods Directive), sound decision-making)
Substantive i.e. evaluates NFM on the basis of its success in meeting the stated aim of reducing flood risk
Transactive i.e. evaluates NFM on the basis of its the time it takes to plan & develop and/or the costs associated with implementation
Normative i.e. evaluates NFM on the basis of its contribution to broader ideals such as (but not limited to) sustainability, health & wellbeing, and socio-ecological resilience, local cultural value, and biodiversity
Scientific basisIs the source social or natural scientific, or is it inter-disciplinary?
Data typeQualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods?