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Table 4 Categories and subcategories of environmental and social outcomes

From: Social and ecological outcomes of conservation interventions in tropical coastal marine ecosystems: a systematic map protocol

Outcome categoryOutcome definitionOutcome subcategory
1. Population/Species OutcomesOutcomes focusing on change in populations of individuals or populations within species1a. Abundance
1b. Biomass
1c. Age/Size Structure
1d. Behavior
1e. Recruitment
1f. Reproduction
1g. Species Range and Spatial Extent
1h. Dispersal
1i. Connectivity
1j. Body Conditions
1k. Adaptability
2. Ecological Community OutcomesOutcomes focusing on change in community conditions2a. Species Diversity
2b. Trophic Structure
2c. Functional Redundancy
2d. Species Interactions
2e. Habitat Quantity (Cover and Extent)
2f. Habitat Quality
2g. Habitat Connectivity
3. Ecosystem Function OutcomesOutcomes focusing on change in ecosystem processes and conditions3a. Productivity
3b. Herbivory
3c. Predation
3d. Biogeochemistry
3e. Coastal Processes
4. Ecosystem Services OutcomesOutcomes focusing on ecosystem services, as defined by Millenium Ecosystem Assessment4a. Provisioning Services
4b. Regulating Services
4c. Supporting Services
4d. Cultural Services
5. Human Wellbeing OutcomesOutcomes related to changes in welfare of populations that rely on areas where interventions are implemented; and/or program beneficiaries5a. Economic
5b. Resource Based Livelihoods
5c. Individual or Community Wellbeing
5d. Food Security
5e. Health
5f. Education
5g. Basic Infrastructure
5h. Social Capital
5i. Culture
6. Knowledge and Behavior OutcomesOutcomes related to awareness, knowledge, and/or behavior, or response to new practices or technologies, for stakeholders6a. Knowledge
6b. Behavior/response to new practices or technologies
7. GovernanceStructures and processes for decision-making, inc. formal and informal rules, participation in/control of decision making, accountability, transparency, justice, empowerment7a. Participation and Engagement
7b. Political Capital
7c. Institutions
7d. Property Rights