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Table 6 Coding tool for the database of included studies

From: Can linear transportation infrastructure verges constitute a habitat and/or a corridor for vertebrates in temperate ecosystems? A systematic review

Coding variable Details/Examples
ID Unique identifier of the publication
Source Source of the publication (e.g. WOS, ZR, grey literature)
Reference Authors, year, title, publisher
Publication type Book chapter, journal article, thesis, report, etc.
Article language English/French
Specific question Question Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, or Q6
Study design Spatial/temporal/spatial and temporal comparisons
Risk of bias Low/medium
Study country  
Study region(s)  
GPS coordinates  
Biological group(s) Amphibians/birds/reptiles/small mammals/bats/other mammals
LTI Roads/railways/powerlines/pipelines/waterways
LTI verge Description of verge and its habitat (grassland, shrubland, hedge, forest, etc.)
Comparison Questions Q2 and Q4: type of habitat of the control site
Question Q1 and Q3: management practices (mowing, pesticide spreading, pruning, planting, fence laying, etc.)
Questions Q5 and Q6: landscape metric(s) and spatial scale(s)
Outcomes Abundance, species richness, Shannon index, etc.
Included in narrative synthesis  
Included in meta-analyses