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Table 1 Search string that will be used to update searches from 2017 onward

From: How do changes in flow magnitude due to hydroelectric power production affect fish abundance and diversity in temperate regions? A systematic review protocol

ComponentSearch string
Population termsTS = ((Fish*) AND (“Fresh water” OR Freshwater OR Stream$ OR Water$ OR River$ OR Fluvial OR Estuar* OR Reservoir$ OR Impoundment$ OR “Hydro electric*” OR Hydroelectric* OR “Hydro dam*” OR Hydrodam* OR “Hydro power” OR Hydropower OR “Hydro” OR Dam$)
Intervention/exposure terms(Flow* OR Discharg*)
Outcome terms(Productivity OR Biomass OR Abundance$ OR Densit* OR Yield$ OR “Ecological response” OR “Ecosystem response” OR “Biotic response”)
Exclusionary terms(Mining OR “Mine site” OR Aquaculture OR “Wastewater treatment” OR Carbon)