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Table 3 Examples of irrelevant articles with reason of exclusion

From: Evidence of the impact of noise pollution on biodiversity: a systematic map

Reference Title Reason of exclusion Explanation
[43] Predictions of Taylor’s power law, density dependence and pink noise from a neutrally modeled time series D Statistic noise
[44] The effects of noise due to random undetected tilts and paleosecular variation on regional paleomagnetic directions D Statistic noise
[45] Noise stress and human pain thresholds: divergent effects in men and women P Humans
[46] The effect of high level sound on hearing sensitivity, cochlear sensorineuroepithelium and vasculature of the Chinchilla P Domestic biodiversity (chinchillas)
[47] Effects of stressful noise on eating and non-eating behavior in rats P Laboratory rats (Sprague-Dawley rat)
[48] Study on environment effect of construction in Huairou District P No population (noise assessment)
[49] Sound source segregation in grey treefrogs: spatial release from masking by the sound of a chorus E Noise emitted from animals (chorus frogs)
[50] Modification of humpback whale social sound repertoire and vocal source levels with increased noise E Natural noise (wind background noise)
[51] General review of protocols and guidelines for minimizing acoustic disturbance to marine mammals from seismic surveys O Guidelines for mitigation
[52] Investigation of the traffic noise attenuation provided by roadside green belts O Vegetation as anti-noise barrier