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Table 1 Article eligibility criteria detailing inclusion and exclusion criteria, summarised from the protocol [18]

From: How are nature-based solutions contributing to priority societal challenges surrounding human well-being in the United Kingdom: a systematic map

Eligibility criteria Included Excluded
Intervention (exposure) Study deals with one of the four key societal challenges: cost efficiency, governance in planning, environmental planning, acoustic environment—and involves implementation of NBS action linked to the four challenges Study makes no explicit assessment of the four challenge and does not have any primary implementation of NBS action
Comparator Study uses a comparator such as with/without, or before/after, or low/high access, to assess effectiveness of NBS action. This can be primary or secondary where source study and data is used No comparator is provided in study of NBS action
Outcome Study undertakes direct assessment of NBS action on positive or negative effects on domains of human wellbeing Study does not undertake any assessment of NBS action on human wellbeing
Population (subject)l Study assesses impacts on human wellbeing of human populations in OECD countries Study does not have an OECD country human population focus